David Rosenberg teaches courses about London’s radical history at various adult educational institutes. Early booking recommended!

This autumn, 2020, David is teaching online courses through the City Lit (12 sessions weekly on Tuesday afternoons from 15th September) and also through the Bishopsgate Institute (4 sessions weekly on Thursday evenings).


In the Footsteps of London’s Radicals

Explore London’s places of protest and discover the stories of radicals, agitators and campaigners who fought for social justice, equal rights and better lives for all from the 1790s to the 1930s. (Click on Link above)


East End Battleground: 20th century encounters with racism and fascism

At key moments during the 20th century, the East End has witnessed dramatic clashes of ideas. It hass seen provocative marches and rallies on the streets, as well as imaginative forms of resistance, especially in the 1900s, 1930s, and 1970s. This course, taught by  explores these episodes in detail. (Click on link above)