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About David Rosenberg & East End Walks

David Rosenberg was born in London in 1958. His grandparents came to the East End as Jewish immigrants from the Tsarist Russian Empire in the 1900s. They lived in Princelet Street and Hanbury Street off Brick Lane.

David divides his working time between primary school teaching and a range of freelance activities including journalism, teaching PGCE students, work on educational projects... and East End Walks.

As a teacher and educationalist he has worked on projects in Uganda, South Africa and India. His writing on history and current affairs features on several Channel4 websites and in many print publications. And he is the author of a forthcoming book, Battle for the East End: Jewish responses to fascism in the 1930s, (Five Leaves Publications)

David worked in the East End as a warehouseperson in the mid-1970s, and as Publications Officer for the Runnymede Trust, in the late 1980s.

He has a longstanding commitment to Yiddish - the mother tongue of many of the East End's Jewish immigrants. David attended the Yiddish Summer School at Oxford in 1983 and has been a regular participant in the annual Warsaw Ghetto memorial event organised by the Friends of Yiddish, in Whitechapel. In August 2011 he attended the Ot Azoy Yiddish course in London.

David acknowledges a huge debt of gratitude to Professor Bill Fishman, author of East End Jewish Radicals and 1888, who pioneered East End walks. David went on Bill's walks and is very proud to continue the tradition that Bill Fishman started.

Through East End Walks David wants people:

to learn about the East End's inspiring history - the daily hardships and challenges and the battles and triumphs

- to know how the Jewish experience links to that of other immigrant groups who have come to the East End

"Your walk was interesting, instructive, moving and funny! Every lover of London and every lover of freedom should take it. It makes one understand the great soul of London." (Prof. Carlotta F - Milan, Italy)

"Thanks very much for Sunday's walk which I found thoroughly absorbing throughout and look forward to the next one (Pete C - West London)

"Suddenly the East End has a new look to it. Dave is a natural stand-up who knows the East End like the back of his hand - and there's a curry in Brick Lane at the end. A fabulous evening." (Clair C North London)

"It was brilliant. I learnt a great deal about a tradition that is as relevant today as ever it was a hundred or more years ago. Thank you too for your passion and humour for your roots, and most of all for sharing this with us." (Philip T, West Yorkshire)