East End Walks

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The Tours

1. The Radical Jewish East End:

Soon after you begin your Radical Jewish East End tour you encounter a number of important landmarks: 

Angel Alley where the Jewish anarchist tradition lives on
Gardiners Corner where East Enders blocked the path to Mosley's fascists.

And that's just the start.

During the tour you will find the answer to many questions:

Why did the Jews come to the East End?
Who was Rudolf Rocker and what did he do?
Why was there a riot in Princelet Street in 1904?
Who lived in the Rothschild Buildings?
What was the Workers Circle?
Who was Hannah Billig and why did she refuse a once-in-a-lifetime invitation?

2. Anti Fascist Footprints

A walk through the 1930s East End  from Gardiners Corner to Cable Street. This walk will also answer many questions:

Who was Oswald Mosley and why did he target the Jews?
What was the Jewish People's Council?
Who was Phil Piratin and what did he do? 
What happened at Paragon Mansions?
Who did what at the Battle of Cable Street on October 4th?                               

3. The Spark of Rebellion in Bow and Mile End

A walk through sites of struggle from the late 1880s, when the matchgirls, dockers and tailors were on strike through to the 1910s and 1920s, when the East London Federation of Suffragettes and rebel Poplar councillors were fighting for the rights of all people for dignity and equality.

Who was Annie Besant and why did she come to Bow?
How did the Irish dockers and Jewish tailors help each other?
How was the Lansbury family involved and why did some of them go to prison?

"Thanks very much for the fantastic walk.  It was really very interesting"  (Sarah C - Friends of the Earth)

"Marvellous and inspiring. It brought to life a past that should be remembered." (Aditya S -North London) 

Treat yourself afterwards
At the end of tours 1 and 2, participants are welcome to continue discussion with the tour leader and experience excellent Bangladeshi cuisine at one of a number of recommended reasonably priced restaurants on Brick Lane. This is not included in the price of the tour.

"Your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm was contagious and we both came away feeling that we had just taken part in something very special indeed." 
(Nadiya R and Nick D - Sussex)

"You packed an amazing amount of information in 2 1/2 hours. Thank you." (Naomi S - East London)

"I loved every minute of your tour."  (Carrie S - North London)

When the 2011 tours take place:
The next Radical Jewish East End tour will take place on Monday September 26th at 6pm.

The next Anti Fascist Footprints tour will take place on Sunday September 18th at 11am.

The next Spark of Rebellion tour will take place on  Sunday October 23rd at 2.30pm.

The maximum number of places per tour is 30 so book early

The timing of organisation/school/college tours is by arrangement.
Book a tour now 

"It was inspiring to get a taste of the radical history of the East End and to discover that the streets I walk down everyday were once the sites of great working class struggle. David has changed the way I see my area." (Stuart J - East London)

"I found your walks fascinating and informative and put across with great panache and humour." (Chris B, North London)